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Ironman World Championship 2011 Kona/Hawaii

(I apologize for possible spelling errors)

Complete an Ironman (2.4miles swim / bike 112 miles and run 26miles) is definitely something special...and makes me want more! The more I get involved with the cause, the more I think about wanting to improve what has been done. As the energy was coming back after the race, I was looking back on things that can be improved. Is realistic to think that I can run even better, chave some time in the bike and keep my performance in the water, adding the possible times: swim-1h/ bike-5:40 / run-4:20 + 15 minutes (T1 and T2) = 11h15min against 12h52min from this year. It is possible! Well, I’m thinking out loud here, something expected in every human being with athletic blood, there's always pressure to improve.

An important element on racing an Ironman is a very strong analogy with concepts of life, never give up, but why?! Quitting is easy ... just get the van back to the base, there we can find shade and fresh water. In an Ironman race at least for the majority of amateurs there is no prize money, in fact, we pay a large amount of money adding registration, hotel, transportation, etc… is absurd, all that to get tired and push the body to the limit until begin to send awarning that is too much and threaten to turn the circuit breaker. ... "bunch of freaks" ... comments from viewer.

Fortunately we are freaks enough to be in the race because on a physical test like that teaches a multitude of concepts that are used in our day to day. If we envision something, if we have an ideal, in any area or profession, we need to go through all the paths that are needed to get there without giving up and with the right tools. Long story short, I'm not here to recruit anyone to do an Ironman, I'm just inviting everyone to think about it, elements that should be used for life.

An addition. Its not all about a physical abnormality. With or without an amputation, in fact extending the example to others, if a person is in a wheelchair or not, whatever the title of the physical disability, every human being has the right and can discover their own limits and learn with them. A prosthesis or a wheelchair, are just the right tools to get there and definitely for me, Hanger Prosthetics and Orthotics were able to provide these tools with hard work, dedication, and support, essential element for my success"

Why an Ironman? maybe because I was born without a leg has awaken my interest in sports. Being a physical disability, I went looking for physical challenges and that's just drove me to do endurance races. As well as my leg, I was born with the middle three fingers in my right hand webbed, first question: can I play guitar? I tried and succeeded. That was one more tool used to discover my limits. I am more than happy to realize that all these questions and attempts just made me well to this day, I learned a lot.

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